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Recycling Program Starting New Curbside Collection Schedule in June

The Borough has rejoined the Middlesex County Recycling Program. Beginning June 1, South Plainfield’s curbside recycling schedule changed. The ten collection sections were collapsed into two: a Thursday section and a Friday section.

The Thursday Section includes former sections 1-7 and part of section 8. These are all the streets north of the Lehigh Valley railroad tracks, plus the Universal Avenue section off Park Avenue.

The Friday Section includes the rest of section 8 and all of 9 and 10. These are all the streets south of the railroad tracks.

The first collection in the new schedule was done on Thursday, June 8 and Friday, June 9. All current guidelines are the same: bins should be at the curb by 6 a.m.; all materials can be mixed single-stream or kept separated; materials should be loose in the bin, not bagged. If using a garbage can, leave the lid off the can. Lids can be used on our blue recycling bins.

One other change is that the County plastic recycling program includes only #1 and #2 plastic bottles. These are water bottles and other beverage bottles, water and milk jugs, laundry detergent, shampoo, etc. Check the bottom of the bottle for the number in the triangle. Do not put 3,4,5,6 or 7 plastic in the bin, or in the boxes at the Recycling Center. Only bottles are accepted; no food trays, cups, rigid plastics or plastic bags are included in the program. All these plastics should be thrown out in the trash. Number 4 plastic (LPDE, plastic bags and film) can be brought to the local supermarkets for recycling.

For updates, call the Recycling Hotline: (908) 226-7620.