What Is Sustainable Jersey?
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What Is Sustainable Jersey?

SUSTAINABLE JERSEY ™ is a certification program for municipalities in New Jersey that want to go green, save money, and take steps to sustain their quality of life over the long term. 

Sustainable Jersey:

  • Identifies concrete actions that municipalities can implement to become "certified" and be considered leaders on the path to sustainable communities
  • Provides clear “how to”  guidance and tools to enable communities to make progress on each action
  • Provides access to grants, and identifies existing and new funding opportunities for municipalities to make progress toward the actions
  • Encompasses the 3 equal, interrelated components of sustainability:

Prosperity-support your local economy and use community resources
Planet-practice responsible environmental management and conservation
People-embrace social equity and fairness

New Jersey is the first state in the nation to have a comprehensive sustainability program for communities that links certification with strong state and private financial incentives, and a fully resourced program of technical support and training.  Sustainable Jersey has streamlined, incentivized and guided the process 

About the Sustainable Jersey Certification

The Sustainable Jersey Certification is a prestigious designation for municipal governments in New Jersey.  Municipalities that achieve the certification are considered by their peers, by state government, and by the experts and civic organizations in New Jersey, to be among the leading municipalities. 

The certification is a rigorous and meaningful designation.  All actions taken by municipalities to score points toward certification must be accompanied by documentary evidence and will be reviewed.  Only efforts that meet the standards described in the Actions will accepted and counted toward a certification.

Sustainable Jersey Certification

New Jersey municipalities apply for certification

  • The program is voluntary
  • There is no fee for the certification, the use of the program tools or participation in the training workshops
  • The certification is good for three (3) years from the time it is approved and the municipality is notified
  • There are two certification levels: bronze level requires a total of 150 points and silver level requires a total of 350 points
  • Municipalities may apply for certification at any time. Applications will be reviewed and approved on a rolling basis
  • Certification does not indicate that a municipality is "sustainable."   Rather it indicates that the municipality has taken the first significant step on the long journey toward sustainability.


Source: http://www.sustainablejersey.com/




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