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Rules & Regulations


The Senior Center exists as the community focal point for aging services providing health and wellness as well as life enrichment programs for older adults while serving as a resource center for agency personnel and caregivers to the elderly. The center seeks to create a positive image of aging by promoting personal growth and independent living skills among older adults, thereby enhancing the overall quality of life.

Governing Board

The Senior Coordinator (Director) is in charge of the Senior Center. The Coordinator implements and schedules all activities at the center. The Coordinator enforces the Rules and Regulations of the Center.  The Coordinator reports to the Director of Recreation. The Senior Advisory Committee makes recommendations on programs, policy and operating procedures of the Center to the representative of the Mayor and Council for their consideration and approval.


The Senior Center staff consists of a Senior Coordinator (Director), one full time driver and one part time driver, meals on wheels and outreach driver and adult volunteers who serve as receptionists and perform other duties.

Instructors and Volunteers

The Center will utilize instructors and volunteer leaders of various programs and activities.

Membership Qualifications

Applicants must be 55 years or older. They must be residents of South Plainfield.

Membership Fee

There is a $10.00 fee required for membership.  We ask members using the Center to fill out a simple form providing us some basic demographic information on the first visit.  This information remains confidential and will not be released without the individual's consent.

Hours of Operation

The Senior Center operates on a regular schedule of 8:00am to 4:00pm Monday through Friday. The Center is also open occasionally on weekends and nights for special events as advertised in the Senior calendar.

Inclement Weather Policy

The Center may close during periods of inclement  weather so as to inssure the safety of participants and staff using the facility. Announcements of closing will be carried over local radio stations. Participants are encouraged to call the Center should there be questions about rescheduling meetings or activities.

Use of Facilities

The Senior Center has a party room available for a fee. Please call the Senior Center for further details, rules and regulations and pricing information.    

Visitors are to report to the receptionist upon entering the Center. They will be issued a temporary badge which will be returned before leaving the Center.

In keeping with the Center's emphasis on wellness, smoking is not allowed indoors.  Alcoholic beverages cannot be served.


All participants will adhere to rules posted throughout the Center. Participants who violate the Center posted rules will be issued a warning for the first offense and subsequent offenses will be subject to suspended membership.

Appeals and Suggestions

If participants want to appeal a violation they will have seven (7) days to submit in writing why they should not be suspended.

Any participant who takes exception to the posted rules or wishes to make suggestions about the rules should submit them to the Senior Advisory Committee for consideration.


The Center will sponsor bus trips. They will be open to members on a first come basis.  Members will be required to pay at time of sign-up at the reception desk. One week prior to departure trips not sold out will be open to the general public.

Calendar of Events

The Center publishes a monthly calendar of events for participants. This publication is available and can be picked up at the Center reception desk.

Those groups or individuals that desire activities to be included on the calendar should inform the office prior to the 10th of each month for the following month.

Program Fees

The Center's operation budget is designed to pay for the costs of operating the facility, staffing and related expenditures. Some activities and crafts are free, otherwise participants are asked to pay fees to recoup associated costs.

First Aid and Emergency Procedures

Should participants have a need for first aid or emergency medical care, staff should be advised immediately. Some first aid materials are on hand at all times.


Participants and groups may leave notices regarding community events or items of general interest with the receptionist for posting on bulletin boards.  The staff will screen announcements and notices prior to posting to ensure that such is consistent with the Center's policy.

Commercial and Political Activity

Commercial and political activities are limited to the extent that such is educational and of value to all the participants using the Center. Overt solicitation and campaigning is strictly prohibited and will not be allowed.

Lost and Found

Articles left on the premises may be reclaimed in the office. The Center reserves the right to dispose of property not claimed after a reasonable amount of time.

Newspapers, Books and Magazines

The newspapers, books and magazines are for all participants to read and enjoy. Please do not remove them from the Center without prior approval.


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