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Recreation Commission


Description of Duties: Oversees all recreation programs and facilities. Monitors the dedicated Trust Fund, including all expenditures.
Special Credentials Required : Representative of Local Area Business
Lenght of Terms Five Years
Dates/Times of Meetings: Second Tuesday of every month beginning at 7:00pm (held at PAL)
Number of Vacancies: None


Title Name of Person
Currently Holding Position
Expiration Date
of Appointment
Council Liaison Christine Faustini December 31, 2022
PAL Liaison   December 31, 2022
Member William Cochrane December 31, 2024
Member Christine Marks December 31, 2025
Member William Ashnault December 31, 2026
Member Calvin Gross December 31, 2022
Member Salvatore Severini December 31, 2024
Member William DeNitzio December 31, 2023
Member Wendel Born December 31, 2026

Alternate I

James Olano

December 31, 2025

Alternate II Timothy Dziomba December 31, 2023
Alternate II Joe Scrudato December 31, 2023