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T. Robak Associates Renews Adopt-a-Spot Contract

(February 23) Mr. Terrence Robak has renewed his Adopt-A-Spot agreement with the South Plainfield Clean Business Association for the next two years. He will continue to clean debris and litter from the Borough’s Open Space parcel on Belmont Avenue between Arlington Avenue and Tremont Avenue.

This plot of forested wetlands absorbs stormwater, noise and carbon dioxide, and provides oxygen, shade and wildlife habitat. Unfortunately, like most undeveloped land in New Jersey, it also attracts litter and illegal dumping. Mr. Robak first approached the CBA about adopting this spot in 2010, after participating in the South Plainfield Business Association’s adoption of the Lakeview Overpass. He has improved the parcel considerably since then, patrolling regularly and picking up litter as it appears. Adopt-A-Spot volunteers often find that keeping an area clean reduces the amount of new litter.

The CBA is looking for more adopters for open space locations. The Open Space area on the other side of Belmont Avenue, and the vacant land between Garfield and Wooden Avenues are available for adoption.

For more information about the Adopt-A-Spot program, contact the Clean Communities Coordinator at (908) 226-7621 or e-mail