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When a small group of local community members grew concerned about the type of planet that we, as humans, were leaving to future generations, they took this old bumper sticker adage to heart.   Realizing that solving tough community problems such as sustainability would require the formation of strategic and creative alliances, this group of pioneers approached the borough with the goal of working collaboratively to address these complex issues.  A unique and somewhat surprising partnership was created at a time when few local governments were addressing issues of sustainability beyond the traditional conservation of open space, regulation of water quality and tree planting. 

For a year, this team worked diligently and regularly to educate themselves about the steps that a local government could take to move a whole community towards sustainability.  The resulting “Incorporation of the South Plainfield Green Team” passed unanimously in March 2011 by Borough of South Plainfield Council and has been fully supported by Mayor Mathew Anesh and council members every year since.  Elements of the plan included a municipal energy audit and subsequent upgrades in energy efficiency, use of environmentally-friendly products in municipal buildings and the community-wide roll out of the program.



Mr. Robert Longo (Chairman) : Business Association Liaison 

Dr. Alice Tempel :  Environmental Specialist: 

Ms. Melanie Mott :  Council Liaison

Mr. Glenn Cullen : Borough Administrator  

Mr. Len Miller PE :  Public Works Superintendent

Mr. Jonathan Walezak : Environmental Commission Member

Mr. Tom Walsh : Environmental Commission Member

Associate Members

Mr. Robert Ackerman :  Planning Board Liaison

Mr. Gino Leonardis :  Board of Adjustment Liaison

Mr. Divon Pender:  Board of Education Liaison

Ms. Debbie Boyle : Member of the Public 

Ms. Karyne Gaitan : Member of the Public

Ms. Noemy Gaitan: Member of the Public






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